Some light snow for southern Maine

8:45 AM, Apr 1, 2012   |    comments
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On this date last year we were dealing with a fairly legitimate "April Fools" Nor'easter. (This really cramped my plan to pull an April Fools prank during my forecast. What could my "fake" forecast be if the real forecast was a snowstorm? A hurricane? People don't tend to laugh over death and destruction...unless it's on YouTube.) This year will feature a much smaller dose of snow, but it does seem like winter likes to remind us who's boss at the beginning of a "spring" month.

The first half of today will actually be very pleasant. Look for mostly sunny skies as a ridge of high pressure left over from Saturday remains in control. Clouds will quickly increase from west to east by noon though, as a storm system approaches from the Great Lakes. There could be an isolated sprinkle over western Maine late this afternoon, but the bulk of the precipitation holds off until this evening.

Now, this is, by no stretch, a large storm system moving towards us but several computer models indicate what we call an "inverted trough" (in the weather world we like to come up with complicated names for simple things)  around it late this evening. What that does is locally enhance precipitation rates around the trough and give a normally weak low pressure system a little extra "oomph" if you will. Look for the first signs of precipitation to be in the form of rain showers early this evening. With temperatures rising into the upper 40s during the day it will be nearly impossible to begin the storm with frozen precipitation. Cooling in the atmosphere, however, will allow a changeover to snow across all of southern Maine by midnight. At that point there will be mainly light snow falling with a few bursts of moderate precipitation as well. This whole mini-event winds down by mid morning on Monday at the latest.

Because of the path of this storm (forced to go "under" a ridge of high pressure to our north), only southern Maine and New Hampshire will be impacted. If you live north of Lewiston there will be a few snow worst. I HAVE CREATED A SNOWFALL MAP AND IT'S FILED UNDER "EXTENDED FORECAST."

Sunny skies return for Monday afternoon and we stay pleasantly clear through Tuesday. Temperatures will trend a bit above average, topping out in the upper 40s to low 50s.

Clouds will increase on Wednesday with a few isolated showers possible, but overall we stay pretty quiet through the end of the work week.

Side note: I always knew my co-anchor Amanda and our camera person Gordon didn't pay attention to my forecasts, but I didn't realize the true scope of the situation until today.

As an April Fools joke I made a snowfall map with 15-25" ranges over most of Maine. I then proceeded to, with a straight face, explain that the computer models had vastly changed and we were in for a serious Nor'easter. My delivery was flawless...the anti-Jimmy-Fallon.

I glance over in the direction of Amanda for a reaction. She's texting away on her iPhone with zero idea what I just said. Fine. Now I look towards Gordon. What do I see? A man happily drinking a large Dunkin Donuts coffee while reading the newspaper.

Joke fail and I feel unloved.

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