Rain barrels being given away at 'Bangor Garden Show'

5:19 PM, Apr 4, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- The city of Bangor will be giving away a few items at the "Bangor Garden Show" this weekend that people might find handy.

Two rain barrels will be given away following a program at the show on how to reduce surface runoff. A third one will be raffled off.

City officials say that they are doing it to promote the benefits of reducing runoff with Bangor home owners. Runoff occurs when rain water picks up pollutants on surfaces like your roof and driveway and carries them into the public water system.

Officials say that having a rain barrel can help.

"You can collect that rain water and then reuse it on your garden or you can wash your car with it or water your lawn," said Wendy Warren, who is the environmental coordinator for the city of Bangor, "and in the summertime you might be short on water cause they're saying that we might have a dry summer."

The barrels were put together by the Penobscot Job Corps Academy. Warren says the Bangor City council will soon be taking up an ordinance that would establish a storm water fee for property owners. That money would then go to support programs to reduce runoff in the city.


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