Potential changes in workers compensation

7:06 PM, Apr 9, 2012   |    comments
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BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Changes for people on workers compensation could be coming if a potential bill passes in both the state house and senate.

Today Workers Center of Eastern Maine organization in Brewer, held a press conference to voice its concern if the bill passes. One of the organizers Jack McKay said that people, who are receiving a wage replacement check as part of their workers compensation, will only be able to get wage replacement for 10 years.

"This will directly hurt people, not those with a strained shoulder or hurt back that you know is a year or two in duration. These people with serious, serious injuries that will be thrown off after 10 years," Organizer with Workers Center of Eastern Maine Jack McKay said.

An email from Governor Paul LePage's press secretary states: severely injured workers with a residual work capacity to collect benefits beyond a statutory cap if the employee has 25 percent whole body permanent impairment, is earning 50 percent or less of their pre-injury average weekly wage 10 years after the injury, can demonstrate those earnings over a two year period, and they continue to work.


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