U.S. Senate Forum held in Bangor

5:54 PM, Apr 25, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Four U.S. Senate Republican candidates debated tonight at Bangor Baptist Church on several issues as they run for the Senate seat that Senator Olympia Snowe will be vacating once her term is up.

Candidates discussed several topics and what type of education students should get was one of the more talked about topics.

Candidates debated on what types of education and where parents should be able to send their kids too, whether it is a public, private or charter school.

"A lot of people don't, they ought a have those choices. They're paying tax money, they ought a be able to put that tax money in my view to any accredited school that they wish and let their kids get the education their parents decide is appropriate," (GOP) Candidate Rick Bennett said.

"I believe that parents have a right to send their child to any school in which they choose and that the money should follow the child from kindergarten to college. All the way through," (GOP) Candidate Scott D'Amboise said.

"I firmly believe that we must do everything we can to give parents the flexibility to have their kids educated the best way they should," (GOP) Candidate and current State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin said.

"In Glenburn, they used to have school choice and could figure where they could send their children until there was a great thing called school consolidation. And every string that we have attached, takes more and more choices away from our parents,"
(GOP) Candidate Debra Plowman said.

The candidates also debated on gay marriage, abortion and religion.


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