Millinocket still willing to sue state to collect $200,000 in aid

10:59 PM, May 10, 2012   |    comments
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MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Leaders in Millinocket intend to keep up their fight to get state aid that they say is owed to the town and some still want to look into suing the state to get it.

The town council blasted Governor LePage's office last March. Millinocket was given a little more than $500,000 in sudden and severe impact funds. That money was meant to offset the lost revenue brought on when the Millinocket paper mill was devalued last year.

Councilors in Millinocket say they feel the town is owed about $200,000 more. They say those funds would go to support the school system and the governor is only withholding the money because the town refused to support upkeep of the Dolby landfill.

Thursday night the council voted not to accept the money that was already paid. The vote was however close and came after much debate.

"We could take this to court...we don't know how long this could drag on...we don't know how much this could cost us," reamarked town councilor Jimmy Busque before the vote, "it's time to put this to rest."

"I'm not here today carrying the governor's water...I'm not here today carrying the town of Millinocket's water," said State Rep., Herbert Clark of Millinocket, who was also present at the meeting, "I want to make sure the taxpayers in this town are gonna be kept whole and not have to dig down in their pockets anymore."

Town leaders say they intend to work with their school board on what to do next. For now, they say they'll keep looking into legal ways to get the state aid.


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