Fit at Five: Company Wellness Program

3:07 PM, Oct 31, 2011   |    comments
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Fit at Five: Company Wellness Program
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  • You have likely heard it on the news, and read it in the newspaper headlines. The cost of healthcare is on the rise. Some companies are trying to turn this negative into a positive by investing in their employees health and wellness. On this Fit at Five we take a look at one company's wellness program, and see how employees are benefiting from some good old fashioned TLC in the workplace. 





















    The employee wellness program over at Wright Express started up about two years ago. Employees have the option to sign up for the program, and receive a discount off their healthcare premium. At Wright Express employees have a gym they can use. There are also several workout classes offered through the week like Zumba, and boot camp.

    It may sound strange that employees are allowed to take time out of their day to work out, but it actually helps with productivity. Employees have reported feeling less stressed, and less tired during the afternoon hours. They have also started to see a drop in the number of sick days employees take.

    Another great part of their program is the one on one wellness counseling that employees can take advantage of. It helps employees set goals, and learn how to make healthier choices for themselves. They can meet with the councilors as much as they like.

    Wright Express now has 65% of their employees enrolled in the wellness program. In just the first six months of this year alone employees have lost a total of 572 pounds! That averages out to be 7 pounds per employee participating.

    We want to know what you think. If your employer offers wellness benefits and incentives to get you moving please feel free to share in the comment section below.  


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