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Businessmen fight for share of life-size sex dolls

SAN DIEGO (NBC) -- One California sex doll maker is suing another for lost wages and share in his company's profits.

1:36 PM, Apr 15, 2010

The "Wild Kratts" Brothers

12:33 AM, Jan 21, 2011

Correction to Scarcelli/Stanford Management story

(NEWS CENTER) -- In order to set the record straight, we have the following correction to the story "Scarcelli answers to tenants' complaints" which appeared on our website this week.

4:59 PM, May 28, 2010

Baby pig given new lease on life

(WESH) The world's latest Internet sensation, Chris P. Bacon, lives in a small veterinary clinic in Clermont, Florida.

5:41 PM, Feb 14, 2013

Deceptive but friendly junk mail

(KNSD) - When Laura Hooker opened her mail, she thought a friend had sent her a newspaper clipping.

1:40 PM, Oct 9, 2012

Professional cuddler's business gains popularity

PORTLAND, Oregon (KGW) -- When we first met professional cuddler Samantha Hess two months ago, she had a lot of passion and very little profit.

11:54 AM, Jan 16, 2014

Child porn case ends in year long prison sentence

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - An Old Orchard Beach man has been sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography charges.

6:34 AM, Sep 11, 2012

Your Garden: Fighting Japanese beetles

(NEWS CENTER) -- If you have a problem with Japaneese beetles eating up your plants and flowers, the experts say now is the time to do something about it.

3:19 PM, Aug 12, 2011

Happy reunion with pets for Bucksport fire victim

BUCKSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- There's an update on a story we told you about Monday. A woman displaced from the massive apartment fire in Bucksport on Sunday, thought her 2 cats were lost in the fire. Late yesterday afternoon she was contacted and told they had been found.

6:08 PM, Aug 27, 2013

Sharon Rose Vaznis, Anchor

"We take our work seriously. But we don't take ourselves seriously ." That's how Sharon Rose Vaznis describes her role as part of the highly rated NEWS CENTER Morning Report team

7:47 AM, Sep 11, 2013