Neighbor saves family's dog from fire

10:19 AM, Apr 17, 2012   |    comments
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PLANO, Tex. (NBC) -- In the time it took to run an errand, a Texas home was destroyed by flames.

The family who lived in the home got out, but "Butterbean", the family dog, was stuck inside.

The Delaney?s lives changed within minutes.

Neighbor Juan Carlos Alarcon smelled that smoke and came running to help, smashing windows, looking for anyone trapped inside the burning home.

The Delaneys were out, but it was Butterbean who needed a hero.

Alarcon braved the flames, scooping up Butterbean and running back to safety in the nick of time.

"The fireman said she would have had another minute and she would have been gone," said Shannon Delaney, the dog?s owner.

"Dogs are family. Period," said Alarcon.

"Yeah, I didn't know him at all. But I know him now. He's part of the family now," said Delaney.

While the Delaney's house is a total loss, at the end of the day, the family says being together is all that matters.


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